Replacing paper-based and manual attendance with the pertinent employee attendance management through mobile application will not only reduce administrative work but also maintain real-time, accurate and highly reliable attendance records. Make sure that your employee was indeed at the office and on time, using the geo-fencing feature, which restricts the employee to mark attendance only when he or she is physically in the office premises, hence reducing chances of any sort of “buddy punching”. An additional feature of spy-cam snaps a secret photograph at the time the employee is marking the attendance, which can be used to verify that the attendance was marked by the employee himself.


Is your order management system missing important features? Do you know which products you’re out of and when to reorder more? Order management is such a critical process to companies that it can very well make or break your business. A poor order management system can become very frustrating and time consuming if you try to remember when, how much, and from whom to order on paper or in Excel. Excel spreadsheets were never designed to handle a heavy order load or to make it possible to automate many parts of the order management process.


Reporting is also an essential tool in any order management system, so bTrack offers dozens of prebuilt reports and it also has the option to create custom reports for you. You can use these reports to check each product’s gross sales, monitor profit margins to see if you’re pricing your products appropriately, and keep track of each customer’s purchase history using numerous filters to get to exactly the right data you’re looking for. And that’s just a small sample of all of the reports available from bTrack.


You need an automated order management system to make your job easier. Don’t settle for overpriced software when you can get the same (or better) functionality for a fraction of the cost with and bTrack Warehouse. You don’t need a full ERP to handle your order flow. bTrack’s order management features are more than adequate for most small and midsize businesses that are looking to upgrade from Excel and other simple solutions without having to break the bank. bTrack gives you all the tools you need to manage your orders, from selling and shipping to purchasing and receiving. bTrack shows you where your inventory is at all times.


iTrack provides an easy way to keep a bird eye view on your tem to monitor their activities in order to make sure they are going in the right direction. It helps you to track the location of your team members on the map.


Track your time directly on your tasks with simple, intuitive, visual tools. Most other systems only track time to a project level.